With our mobile fleet (all boats are stored and transported on a trailer) of 10 boats, we can quickly and cost-effectively navigate on all Swedish waters. Our 9 meter Agapi 900 Open RIB boats (12 passengers) and our new Agapi 900 Walk Around (8 passengers) give you entirely new experiences of seas and islands and take you to places that normally can’t be reached on short notice. All boats are of model year 2010 or newer with the latest equipment and Yamaha 350 hp engines. All boats offer a more sheltered experience than normal RIB charter.

We can arrange your event just about anywhere. Where water can’t take us we bring the boats by land as the Vikings did, though with slightly more advanced technology. Agapi Charter is driven by the desire to give as many people as possible a chance to in a fun, interesting and safe way see Sweden from the water. With our own boats, we can bring up to about 100 people at a time on a journey!

The boat has a V-shaped hull made of fiberglass which makes the boat move safely and securely on all kinds of waters. The interior is custom-designed to comfortably seat you at both high and low speeds. The engine is the latest four-stroke technology and meet high environmental standards set in the marine area.  We offer appropriate clothing of the highest quality to all on board. Each guest gets their own waterproof bag with a complete kit consisting of warm overalls, a 275N life jacket, boots, gloves, a warm hat and goggles. Your own clothing and bags are stored in the waterproof bag during the trip.

The boat has its own trailer where it is stored when not in use, meaning that we do not use toxic hull paints and as a bonus gain better performance and fuel-efficiency. Our main focuses are safety, joy, interesting tourism and optimal environmental concerns.

For more information on our boats, please visit www.agapiboating.com