We Customise Your Event

Your business is unique and that’s how it should be, so choose us! Our adventures are completely adapted to you and your company so we don’t have standardized prices. Adventure, competition, relaxation, culture, food and drink or music… Tell us all about your participants and the reason for your event and enjoy the results! We can accommodate anywhere from 2 to 400 people!

Some examples of what we’ve done so far:

  • Dinner on a beautiful cliff prepared by a master chef. Seaplane out, and an appropriate boat for the return journey.
  • Dinner on an antique ship with a journey departing from mid-archipelago with central Stockholm as the final destination.
  • Raft building on the island Orrön at the home of Eva and Lars Fogelberg.
  • Cruise along all of Stockholms beaches and bays with exciting culinary experiences.
  • M/S Diana anchored at a cliff in the outer archipelago.
  • Kayaking for everybody!
  • A cocktail-cruise past Stockholms wharfs with a wonderful dinner beneath Vasa’s prow.
  • Match racing or sailing races at a location we agree upon.

Always with Agapi

RIB tour combined with dinner on a wharf

Discover new ways of enjoying the most beautiful nature Sweden has to offer. We’ll take you on a high speed, fun and safe journey where we combine nature, culture, and thrills in an entirely new way. Regardless of weather conditions we can guarantee an adventure you won’t soon forget! Dressed in waterproof and warm garments we will journey through the stunning archipelago of Stockholm and arrive at our private wharf for delicious food and some swimming, sauna and good times!

Stockholm City – Dinner on a private wharf in the archipelago – Stockholm City
17:00 Pick up at Nybrokajen for a RIB tour to Björkholmen, one of the archipelago’s jewels
18.00 Stop for snacks and beverages
19.00 Dinner on a private wharf followed by sauna and swimming
22:00 RIB tour back to Stockholm City

Minimum participants: 10 people

RIB Tour with Cave Exploration

The day kicks off with a RIB tour from Stockholm to Södertörn through Skurusundet, Baggenstäket past Saltsjöbaden and Dalarö, through narrow channels and open bays passing stunning scenery all the way. This is a quite different and very thrilling event. Over ten thousand years ago a fantastic system of caves were formed. These caves sustain a unique fauna combined with darkness, stone and water. We will crawl and climb in the various corridors and expanses of the cave-system. Finally we will all be hauled down to gather in a large cove where we will paddle out of the cave in a rubber dinghy. Protective gear and clothing will be supplied to you on request. Bring sturdy footwear and clothing that will allow you to move comfortably. The caves are located on Södertörn island which is about 25 minutes from central Stockholm.

Minimum participants: 10 people
Estimated time: 5-6 hours

RIB tour with Team Building, Four-Wheeling, Safari and Clay Pigeon Shooting

In a rib boat from Stockholm through the Mälaren sea where the Vikings once sailed, we will swing by Drottningholm on the way to Ådö. We start by dividing the group in two. One half will put on overalls, helmets and gloves and head off on a safari with four-wheelers. The challenging course is roughly 7 kilometers long and takes us through a gorgeous environment where you will maneuver over logs and rocks and through tricky passages. Naturally there are even long flat parts where you can rev up the speed. The other half of the group will stay behind on the field by the traditional Laplandish tee-pee and shoot clay pigeons with laser. This is an environmentally friendly way to experience the thrill of clay pigeon shooting both day and night. We use real rifles that are modified with advanced electronics as well as plastic doves. Hits, misses and points are displayed on an electronic scoreboard. When the safari group return everyone will meet up in the tee-pee for coffee before switching activity!

Minimum participants: 10 people
Estimated time : 5-6 hours