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Agapi Sea Events is a business dedicated to experiencing both culture and tourism through adventure at sea. Our vision is to under the safest circumstances combine experiences in nature with interesting cultural history. All spiced up with that added element of adventure and energy that the open water has to offer.

Agapi Recommends

Seal Safari

We depart from central Stockholm and well out of harbor we step on the gas. At a comfortably fast speed we watch the city turn to lush nature scenery. After observing the seal colony (most likely) we take aim for one of many remote islets and drop the anchor before enjoying a typical Swedish picnic. After imbibing the natural energy offered by this picturesque scene we head back home by a different route so even more can meet the eye!

The Capital Tour: Sigtuna – Birka – Stockholm

The round trip starts in the old town of Sigtuna which was the capital of Sweden between 970 and 1251 AD. Many of the buildings are several hundred years old and the modern buildings are neighboured by ancient ruins of castles and various structures. Echoes of history resonate through these old ruins making it a sight worth beholding. After a short introduction by sea we turn south and tour past many royal castles and magnificent nature.

We journey for about one and a half hours and reach Birka and Hovgården, one of the most important trading hubs in Northern Europe long ago. Archeologists have uncovered prehistoric artifacts there from as far away as the Arabic lands. This was one of the most important Viking settlements and the first with over a thousand inhabitants. It is thought that Birka was abandoned when the vikings moved their political center to Sigtuna.

Our journey continues to Stockholm past traditional waterside cottages squeezed between majestic manors as well as modern summer dwellings. Beautiful and thought-provoking, traditional values versus modern times. When we pass the royal castle Drottningholm we stop and wave, possibly to the king as this is his home.


Prepare for a different adventure and a pleasant way to get to know the Stockholm archipelago during your trip to one of its jewels, namely Sandhamn. We can either head straight there which takes about an hour and fifteen minutes or we can zigzag to sightsee and perhaps enjoy a glass of champagne or maybe even some hot glögg if we’re talking late autumn or early winter.


Champagnehyllan is our special beach located relatively close to Stockholm and offers a cozy and relaxed environment. Once there we beach the boat, take out the picnic basket (elective) and enjoy the evening sun. The trip there passes Vaxholm and Stegesund and on the return trip we get acquainted with Oskar Fredrik’s stronghold and the love for carpentry on Hästholmen.

Archipelago Adventure

An exclusive full day package for both Swedish and foreign tourists who want to see the less known gems of the archipelago!

RIB Orientation

RIB orientation is a much appreciated and entertaining combination of teambuilding and sightseeing in nature. We split up the group into the different boats in teams and each team gets a nautical chart marked with waypoints as well as quizzes and tricky challenges. Along with a neutral captain the teams will attempt to reach the final destination – a cozy place out in the archipelago. If time is limited, the final destination is placed so the whole activity takes about 3 hours including the prize ceremony and a light snack or picnic.

Viking Dinner on Birka

The place is Birka on Björkö, one of the more popular destinations in Mälaren. Birka was one of the key trading settlements for the Vikings as well as the entirety of Northern Europe over a thousand years ago. Combine a fun, interesting and beautiful trip on the Mälaren sea with some Viking culture and an authentic Viking buffet at the restaurant Särimner. The journey to Birka, regardless of our starting point, is a journey through history and we will pass several castles and historic manors. All this as well as the beautiful feel of the Björkö inlet with its rich birdlife bodes for a fulfilling experience. On arrival awaits an educational guided tour in the newly restored Viking village. After some mingle with mead in the museum the trip is capped off with a delicious Viking buffet.

The Skokloster Castle

The destination is the Skokloster Castle, the world’s most well preserved baroque castle from the late 1600s. The castle was built by field marshal Carl Gustav Wrangel during the height of Swedish military power and has many attractions worth seeing such as the unique collection of weaponry and a banquet hall that has remained untouched since 1676. Along with the amazing castle park and the surrounding area, visiting is a must for both Swedish and international tourists. The trip there takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours depending on where we depart and offers a myriad of different sights to be seen. If the trip takes longer than an hour we will stop for a leg-stretch and some refreshments before continuing on our way.

The Castle Tour – Steninge, Rosersberg, Wik, Sjö and Skokloster Castle

This roundtrip takes us to a number of historical castles and cultural spots, all framed in the beauty that is nature. The famous castles including Steninge, Rosersberg, Sjö and Skokloster castle will be seen from the best point of view, the Mälaren sea. We will also be passing by many country estates, the first and former capital of Sweden: Sigtuna, as well as ancient Sigtuna (today known as Signhildsberg). We will be slowing down to talk a little bit about each castle and on return we will take a walk around the Skokloster Castle and can even take a guided tour on if desired.

Finnhamn, Björkskär, Tärnskär and Sandhamn

Some examples of popular tourist attractions are Björkskär, Tärnskär or Finnhamn. Together and based on place of departure and time limit we can agree on destinations that suit you best! We can depart from any location Stockholm or for example Vaxholm, Åkersberga or Norrtälje at the same price. Well out of harbour we will accelerate to a nice speed and watch as the environment changes from the city to beautiful nature.

Grisslehamn, Norrtälje, Öregrund and Söderarm

Within the Roslag archipelago and its 13,000 islands exists a rich landscape which includes nature reserves, national parks, island agriculture and authentic architecture. Due to transporting our boats by trailer we can easily and cost-efficiently depart from any wharf in the entire archipelago! There are plenty of worthwhile locations to visit and we have special tours beginning at Norrtälje, Grisslehamn and Öregrund. This area is rich with birdlife and the odds of seeing a sea eagle (White-Tailed Eagle) are great!